Not another White sofa Slipcover

Maybe you get tired of them…but I never do!  I love White slipcovers!  If a client is on the fence about the white slipcover, I give them a list of reasons why they should go white!May 5, 2014_2

I love this classic style sofa!  We purchased new pillow forms and covered it in White cotton canvas with a simple straight skirt!

Jun 6, 2014

This tight back sofa was beautiful and had gorgeous legs, so we showed them off.  I love the tight fit around the bottom!


  1. Vanessa says

    I love white slipcovers too. The examples you posted are beautiful !!!!!
    When creating these white slipcovers, do you prefer one fabric over another ? And why?
    Please continue to post more pictures of your white slipcovers. I can’t get enough.

    • pinkandpolkadot says

      Thanks Vanessa! I, too, LOVE White Slipcovers! I prefer and recommend 100% White cotton duck fabric at least a 10 ounce weight.

  2. says

    I am diggin’ the white!!! So hard to pull the trigger in my own house… with my salsa droppin’ self…!
    Beautiful new site design too by the way!!! Thanks for sharing all your tips!!

    • pinkandpolkadot says

      Louise Marie,

      LOL! No, I’m still here…just not much blogging going on! Thanks for checking in. I’m hoping to get the swing of wordpress and get back at it! xo

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