How do you Work at Home with kids

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 I have no stinkin’ idea.  How do you do it?  I believe it is harder to work from home than it is to, actually, leave the house.  At least if I leave the house to go work, they can’t see me and I can’t here them argue and bicker about who’s turn it is to feed the dog.  Seriously.

I stayed home with my kids for thirteen years.  I loved it!  Now, I have a business I’m trying to run.  A business that I solely depend on.  This week, my kids had off Martin Luther King Day + Tuesday and Wednesday for Teacher workdays.  It has been difficult to get anything done with them wanting stuff…you know…like food…and then refereeing who’s turn it is to let the dog out.  It’s enough to make me lose my mind up in here sometimes.

So how do you do it?  How do you convey to your kiddos…that you’re working and not to disrupt you unless someone’s bleeding?  I’m still trying to figure it out as I sit here typing at 4:30AM.


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    I have NO IDEA. I left an office environment in May to do my own business, and my high school girls love having me “home” again. It's a tight rope, even with older kids. Of course, I know that's of no help, just validating that it's tough.

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    I hear you! I was just thinking today about how to make it work better. It's next to impossible to get anything done when my boys are home (especially since my oldest has a hard time with the noise of the sewing machine). Trying to figure out how I can fit more quiet work stuff in while they are home, and save the “noisy” stuff for while they are at school… it's a challenge when the work just needs to get done!

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    Assign days of the week for the care of the doggie… one gets monday wednesday, saturday the other gets tuesday thursday sunday and have a contest or game to see who gets friday.

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    Unfortunately, it requires planning for what your kids will be doing while you work. Yup. You are doing TWO jobs at once. Somehow it also means planned breaks. Plan in some “meet at the kitchen table for a cookie” for you all. I know of a home schooling family that set up stations….while one family member was practicing and instrument another was listening to music with headphones. Alternate work stations with fun stations. Good luck! I love your slipcover creations.

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    Brett was off for an entire month! After Christmas break he only had to go to school for one final – for a couple of hours (if you have good attendance & good grades you can skip your finals in high school.) He just went back to school yesterday! Coding + Playstation + dogs + busiest month of the year does not make a work friendly environment.

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