How to Make Knife Pleats

knife pleats

I hope you are diligently working on your slipcover for the Slipcover Party this Friday the 13th! Yes? Great! I wanted to show you how I make knife pleats. First measure around where you want your pleats to go and then double it plus about a foot or so more.

knife pleats

Decide how wide you want your pleats. I wanted mine about an inch wide, so I cut my fabric at the length above and about 2.5 inches wide. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and iron. Then start folding your fabric in pleats about an inch or so wide, iron and pin…as shown below.

knife pleats

Use the previous pleat as a guide for your next pleat. If you’re like my neighbor {Ms. Jones} then you can use a ruler and measure each pleat precisely to have them all exactly the same size OR you can be like me and just eyeball it and let that be good enough. It’s your pleat.

knife pleats

Then iron each pleat and pin. It takes some time, but it’s so worth it. When you see what I put these gorgeous gray linen knife pleats on…you will know why it’s worth the iron. {I know I’m a self-professed loather of the iron} Seriously, it’s becoming a friend.


Just a little sneak peak at what I’l be showing at the Slipcover Party this Friday! I’m in love with this gray linen fabric right now…actually anything gray!


  1. says

    Thank you, Thank you Thank you for this quick how-to tip. i just started to think about making slipcovers for our dining room chairs and I wanted them to have a knife pleat . I can't wait to get started now! Loving that Gray fabric….can't wait until friday.

  2. says

    i have never made a knife pleat in my life but I am thrilled to report to the masses that my mama is giving me her sewing machine so i can learn to sew! woo hoo for me!

  3. Anonymous says

    Can anyone help me with the length I should cut my fabric, i.e. 2 times the original length for 1/2″ knife pleats, etc?

    Thank you!!


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