Prettify your camper

I didn’t get a great picture with the beds all made up, but you get the gist of it! If we girlies are going to camp…why not prettify your camper or tent. Have some creature comforts from home! I’m not big on being all rustic like Grizzly Adams, so when I camp, I make sure it looks cute and I have some necessities.

Make slipcovers for the cushions. There must be a person who is sitting there saying “Let’s pick out the ugliest fabric we can find and put it in all campers everywhere.” Really, fabric in campers are ugly. I’m sorry if you’re a camper manufacturer…but it’s true. You must know the truth…women everywhere can’t stand the fabric used in campers. So…dress up your camper. Prettify it with fabric!

I made these cute slipcovers for the cushions and covered all the valance’s. Everything easily unscrews and I just used my staple gun to staple the fabric on. I didn’t even take the ugly fabric off…just stapled right over the top. I used a twin sheet to make the curtains, slipped them on spring rods and popped them inside the valance. I’m always looking for sheets when I’m out…there are some great patterns and you can use them for a variety of things like curtains, pillows, slipcovers…it’s limitless.

I was thinking about painting and then thought about putting the beadboard wall paper on the walls. What do yall think? Has anyone painted the interior of a camper? How’d you do it?


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    I am SO glad to hear someone speak out about those horrendous camper fabrics. Where do they even find that stuff?

    I changed the look of a Winnebago camper we owned until a few months ago. I painted over the vinyl wallpaper (gag) by priming it once with a water-based primer and painting it all twice with a latex satin finish paint.

    I didn't slipcover the twin bunks, but I kept them made up all the time. I bought a queen comforter and cut it in half lengthwise, bound one edge and tucked that edge against the wall. I took down the (double gag) curtains, left the solid color fabric blinds and just covered the padded valances with a striped fabric.

    We actually removed the uncomfortable booth seating, installed a counter to replace it, and added two outdoor chairs that worked with my color scheme. We gave up the ability to have passengers (no more seat belts there). And it only slept two after the conversion, but it worked for us.

    Your make-over is gorgeous!

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    Who wants to sleep in an ugly camper? I had it and slipped mine as well. We've used it the past week and Hubs even told me it feels like he has brand new digs. Love your polka dots.

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    This makes me want a camper so bad so that I can prettify it! That is the first stylish camper I've seen. And I'm sorta obsessed with looking at them in the magazines. :-)

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    This post just makes me giddy! What is with camper decor? My husband and I think they make them ugly enough that after a few years you can't take it anymore and trade in on something slightly less ugly. We have a travel trailer and it is less ugly than some, but nowhere near pretty. I'd love to see else you decide to do, I may be following along right behind you.

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    Brilliant ideas! I bought some fabric for our camper last summer then we decided to opt for a smaller camper so this one 23' is for sale and we are searching for a smaller camper. Can't wait to begin the transformation.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

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    I LOVE IT!! You did a wonderful job. I love the fabric you used.

    I just did a major overhall to our camper as well. I painted the bathroom using the same technique as Barbara…oil based primer over the yucky wallpaper and 2 coats of latex paint. It turned out GREAT! I say go for it!

    My mom also sewed us slipcovers for our dinette…no more velour mauve! Oh Happy Day!!! I also recovered all our valances with my staple gun right over the old stuff…easy peasy.

    I changed out all the knobs, scrubed the cabinets and used some wood product on them (can't remember the name) to bring out the wood. They are oak and I would love to paint them white, but hubby hasn't quite seen my vision on that one yet. LOL

    I made a bunch of pillows using an adorable vintage Michael Moore camper fabric and also used it for some dish towels.

    I still have more plans (new floor and faucets), but for now, I love it! SO much better than the 80s wonderland it was! LOL
    I have some great before and after pictures I'll send you.
    : ) Lara

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    Oh gosh this is cute!!
    My camper is the same today as it was 5 years ago when we purchased it. I would love to recover those icky cushions with a fun colorful fabric. :o) How much more homey it will become!
    I hope you are having a great week.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

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    You are my hero. We have a hybrid trailer also and if it wasn't for sale I would have already done this. We knew it was our temporary trailer, but our next one is forever and you can bet I will be doing this. I am thinking all black and white with slashes of color in each area. Can't wait to get my hands in it but I have two years after this one sales, we want to pay cash, so we will wait. Where do you like to camp we are in the south and could share some of our favs

    thanks for the inspiration

    Cha Cha

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    LOVE IT!!!! I miss my travel trailer. Because of the economy and my husband losing his job, we had to sell ours. Ugghhh. Our first traier was hideous as they all are…so I put leopard wall paper on one wall and painted the other in the bedroom. I used Kilz first to paint. The wall paper is tricky because the trailer moves so much, but we got it done. We added black comforters and leopard comforters that I made for the bunks and the queen bed. We put in beautiful throws with bullion fringe that I sewed and added cute light fixtures and new carpet and made all new covers for the eating area! We had so much fun in that camper. Our last camper, I never got to redo. My husband said we paid to much for it to change it so quickly. Have fun and make your memories. I miss all of it so much.

  10. Tami C. says

    SO cute! We're planning on buying a camper but are talking about our options (trailer, RV, tent camper). Is this a tent (or pop up)? How do you like/love it? Thanks!

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    Beadboard wallpaper would look so good. The camper looks awsome!! I have major camper envy, oh my I am green with envy!!!

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    i love what you did with your camper! adorable :) hubby is about to buy a boat, and the upholstery in boat is just as ugly as campers…thanks for the inspiration to “prettify my boat” – can't wait!

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    K, I just happened upon your blog via Inspired by You. This is just too cute! Who wouldn't want to go camping when it looks like this! And I love the way you thought outside the box and used sheets. I am going to go lurk through your blog some more, can't wait to see what other fun stuff you have!

  14. Jana K. says

    I have talked my hubby into painting the inside of our older 5th wheel this week! It's so yucky. We are tearing out the nasty blue carpet and putting down laminate we found at lowe's on clearance. The wood is oak and in great shape so I won't mess with it even though I love white. I've got to find a way to cover my valances and sofa. I think might have a neutral fabric I can get for couch that is pretty cheap! Wish us luck…I want it to be bright and fun!

  15. Hiness58 says

    Love what you did. We just bought a used Flagstaff and they had never changed a thing! I want it to look fresh! Didn't have any luck talking the hubbie into white cabinets, but new flooring is in the works and I might start searching for cute sheets. Fabric is SO high! Thanks for the ideas! I think I'll def staple over the old valances, what a great idea! Keep up the great work!

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    Hello! It's so fun to see campers prettied up. I have covered the walls with the wood panels that fit together from Home Depot. I then put a few coats of poly on it. I also did the same for the floors. It was precious and held up great! I also did new window treatments and reupholstered all the cushions. My blog is a little outdated as I haven't had a post in a while, but if you want to take a look, it's This the second camper I have redone, and have sold them both. I miss having one, and am always on the lookout for another. My friend and I set out to find one after seeing the Sisters on the Fly on Good Morning America a few years back. Your camper is precious! I know you are enjoying it! Happy Trails!!!

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    I love, love, love the fabric you chose to slipcover your cushions. I am currently sprucing up our pop-up camper. I bought some quilt sets at Target in the winter and they would match your fabric exactly! Is that indoor/outdoor fabric? With little kids I think I will need it to be! Do you by chance know the pattern and manufacturer? Thank you so much!!

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    We just bought a hybrid! We re did the floor now. Now that I have seen your blog next project maybe re doing everthing else! (Now to find the time)

  19. Anonymous says

    I love it. I was just thinking of using a solid color to cover our hideous cushions, but once I saw what you did I am inspired to make it fun! Looks great!!!

  20. Anonymous says

    I just did my camper. It is a old 1986 and it needed some remodeling. So I made red and zebra print curtains. I removed the bed that took up the whole back bedroom and put in a futon. I am currently working on the front now. I am putting fabric over the ugly wallpaper and also using the same fabric for the table cushions. I am sewing new curtains. The walls will be tye die and each window will have a different color curtain to match. Sounds bright but it is almost done and it is so cool looking.

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    we just redid our 1987 pop up, bug bombed; washed the exterior; took off all the canvas and ran it through the industrial sized wash at the laundry-mat twice, with Tide with Fabreeze; painted the undersides of the slide out bunks with latex exterior, painted the tops of the slide out bunks with latex interior; ripped out the heavy sink/stove fold up combo monstrosity and replaced it with a custom-built wooden box/bench with a hinged lid; painted the interior of the dinette benches; sanded and painted over all the wood grained contact paper interior with Valspar interior latex (yellow and green); replaced tires with brand new; bought a new mattress for the full side, using an airbed for the split (kids) side; removed dinette cushion covers and recovered all 4 with white and green fabric; made new pillows out of unwanted shams. Still have to do: replace tabletop; sew 1000 patches on tent screens

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    Zowie420 please post pictures! So inspiring! I have a 97 pop up that's immaculate. That has made it difficult to dig in and change it up. Love the slip cover and curtain redo ideas!

  23. Anonymous says

    I have been in the process of redoing the inside of my 2006 Coachman travel trailer… I've been trying to just work with the existing fabrics on the couch and bench seats but the only thing that seems to really match is tan or beige… So my husband has taken to calling it our “recre-beige-ional” vehicle. UGH! But these pictures are inspiring me to go bolder… But I'm stuck at what to do with the “scissor” style couch. I don't really want to use a futon cover because they slip and I'm too chicken to disassemble the whole thing. BTW, the fabris is hideous! >.<

  24. Anonymous says

    Love the blog. Two dogs, two cats, I am using my white duck cloth and cover the couch. Tired of the green/not my color upholstery. I have to tell on my very former Mother in Law. That Sick Cat Green and Baby Poop Yellow lover PAID good money to have a slip cover made for her blah couch and chose… CAMPER GRADE MATERIAL! Guess she had a thing for brown like a dog dragging his butt? Live long Edith Anne!

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    I love your redo! It is so fun and inviting! I am in search of fabric to day my own this summer. I'm really worried about the fabric I choose. I want it to be durable and cleanable. How do your curtains hold up when the camper is down for a while? I do not want to bring a steamer with me to make the curtains look good, and wrinkles will drive me crazy.

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