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Found a picture thrifting and turned it into a chalkboard. Super EASY!
view of corner

I also did a little re-vamping of this corner. I’m selling furniture and keeping furniture and painting furniture AND need to slipcover furniture.

diy chalkboard before

I got this for free, because the thrift store was having a buy one get one free sale. I love the frame and I just painted three coats of chalkboard paint over the top of the picture and it looks fabulous! I always look for great frames…even if the picture is ugly. Go forth and paint!


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    I love this idea and I tried it once before on my own and found that the chalkboard wasn't all that functional because of the ridges on the canvas of the painting. Is there something I can do to make it more 'usable'?

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    I love the detail on that frame and I could see it moving all around your house through the years-just guessing but I think you and I have the same “condition”, we love change, am I right?

    You could also paint the frame if you got tired of the look or wanted it to coordinate with another space.

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