Living with White Slipcovers

I have slipcovered my sofa, a loveseat and a chair. I’ve also helped a few other’s do the same. I have a love affair with my white slipcovers. I do not freak out about them. I love living with my white slipcovers.

We eat pizza on them, but I couldn’t find a picture. I promise we do…for our family movie night.

We sleep on them.

Ally sleeps on them.

We read on them.

We have friends over for Oscar Parties and drink red wine on them.

Have there been mishaps? Yes, but I don’t freak. I want to live in beauty. And to me the white slipcover is beautiful and it really is easy to clean!

So, having said that…Make sure you come to the Slipcover party on Friday and link up your slipcover. And No, you do not have to have a white slipcover. It can be whatever color or pattern you love. Just make sure YOU love it! Anything goes, a slipcovered sofa, chair, ottoman or a table. If you slipcovered it, you can link it! I can’t wait to see everyone’s!


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    You inspired me to slipcover – in white! – my ottoman. It turned out great. I will eventually do my couch, as well. I live with two Boston Terriers who dirty it up, but being white, that slipcover gets bleached and comes out good as new. Love white slipcovers! I don't have a blog so can't link up Friday but wanted you to know I'm feelin' the white slipcovers, too :)

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    I plan to slipcover my brown leather living room furniture this summer. Did you make yours? I am clueless as to where to start.

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    Yes, I did make mine! Click under tutorials to find the slipcover tutorial. I'm working on one that's a little more detailed with better pics. I would love to see how your's turn out!

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    I would love to slipcover my couch, it is presently blue and green check…what kind of white fabric do you use that would not show the check pattern underneath? Any suggestions?
    I love your blog, and have kept your tutorial for future use!

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    Well, I won't be able to join you this Friday, but I do plan to slipcover my sofa this summer when I (hopefully) have some time to get it done! I'll be using your tutorial, of course…

    Can't wait to see more of your DIYs!

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    The Cutest Cottage Lamps,
    I, too, have a green checked sofa. I used 100% white cotton duck. I buy my at my local Walmart…because it still has fabric. I know most don't anymore. But, I've seen it at Joann's and online at It's thick enough to cover my checked sofa and my green floral chair.

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    OMG! Thant's so funny. I want to be part of your party. My slip covers are not white. They are from Ikea and the colr is……..ORANGE!!!!. You will see….Thanks for the inspiration. We are painting the house this spring and the colors will be white. Love white, it makes me feel fresh.

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    Any tips on making slipcovers for a sofabed? That is the only thing stopping me, can't figure out how to make it but make the bed accessible without removing the entire slipcover…would love to know if you have any resources!

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    Friendly Pink Polka Dot Lady, (do you like that?) I was wondering if you have any experience or knowledge concerning the IKEA white slip covered sofa?


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    I linked, or is it lunked, up a day late. The link seemed to be open. Hope that was OK. I did my first slipcovers and I'm so excited that I…well…I cried when I was done. They are scrumptious! I'm transforming my entire home.

    I found you via Nester and I'm so tickled about it!

    Gotta run and read your blog right now!

    see ya

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    I also LOVE white slipcovers! People always ask me how I could possibly do that w/ 3 kids & a dog…but it is actually so easy! Just like you say, throw them in the wash & they bleach!! easy peasy lemon squeezy! :) Just found your blog & really enjoying it!


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    I've lived with white sofa slipcovers for the last 10 years …..LOVE them! I confess I didn't make them. The only slipcovers I've made are for my dining chairs that I took apart and used the old pattern for…. I know too easy! More power to you Miss sew and sew !!! You do awesome work!!!

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    Hello, hello! I just bought my first 13 yrds of white cotton duck and I'm so excited to start on my very first slipcover this weekend!! One quick question for you more knowledgable seamstresses out there, does duck have a 'right' side? Or do I just pick a side and stick with it? I can tell, after washing it, that one side is minutely smoother than the other, is that the side I should face in, or out? Is my inexperience showing? lol

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    I love it and want to do my sofas in white. Can you tell me what kind of fabric you used. I have small kids, and am sure they will get dirty- but I am loving the white! Thanks so much for sharing!

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    I love the white, but I just can't imagine white in my house!!! Four kids (three littles and one teen boy) and a BLACK dog! How in the WORLD do you keep white clean with that! Right now, I am getting ready to slipcover my furniture because it has a base color of cream and it just looks terribly dingy. I fear white wouldn't last a day looking crisp and clean…BUT, it is beautiful!

  16. fran Mineo says

    I bought your lazy girl slipcover book. I laughed out loud while reading it, and said “This is the way to do it!! Just relax and have fun and don’t be a perfectionist.! It was the most helpful thing I ever read, because even though some of the directions were not specific in detail, it was enough to propel me into confidence to take on a slipcover. I have sewn and unsewn it several times today, but it is coming along. I had already purchased fabric not white, for my son’s sofa, so I went ahead and used it. A friend gave him her used 4,000 sofa, and for 100 bucks, I am covering it. First time ever doing a slip and your little booklet was inspiration. I stopped looking at the sofa and scratching my head, and got busy and should be finished tomorrow!!! I’ll send a picture. Thanks, and best of luck to you in your new life.

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